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Cryptocurrencies have grown to become a global phenomenon in the present world. They are being used by people worldwide for various transactions. It is basically a medium of exchange through the internet that uses cryptographical functions to carry out various financial transactions.

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to maintain transparency, decentralization, and immutability.

What makes cryptocurrencies so favorable is that they are not controlled by any centralized authority. The decentralized blockchain technology used eliminates any interference or government control.

Cryptocurrencies can be conveniently transferred between two parties through the public or private keys. These transfers are done at minimal fees, thus avoiding the exorbitant fees charged by other financial institutions.

What is a Cryptocurrency mixer/ tumbler?

A cryptocurrency mixer/ a cryptocurrency tumbler such as CoinMixr is a mixing service that aims to mix cryptocurrencies that are potentially identifiable with other funds. This ensures that the original source of the cryptocurrency is unknown and its trail remains unidentified.

In traditional financial systems, it would mean moving of funds through banks that have strict secrecy laws, such as banks that are located in countries like the Cayman Islands, Panama or the Bahamas.

With newer technologies, cryptocurrency tumblers such as “CoinMixr” have developed tools that offer greater anonymity to the users.After the tumbling process is completed, “CoinMixr” will send the fresh and clean coins to the predetermined address.

This address can either be the one that was originally used by the customer or can be a new one as specified by the customer.

Cryptocurrency mixers usually charge a small percentage of approximately 1-3% of the total coins as transaction fee.

Cryptocurrency mixing may seem like an attempt to launder money or other illegal activities, but mixing currencies does not always mean that there is a suspicious motive behind it. Mixing one currency for the other is also done in all cryptocurrency exchanges, thus making it viable for users to restart with an absolutely different blockchain.

Cryptocurrency tumblers are of two main types. They are:

Centralized tumblers

Centralized tumblers are privately owned cryptocurrency mixers where the customer can send their cryptocurrencies to an address specified by the mixer. In return, a transaction fee is charged for the service provided. CoinMixr is an example of this type.

Decentralized tumbler

A decentralized tumbler is automatic and is ingrained in the blockchain. It is not owned by anyone, and the user can easily withdraw the fees built into it.

Decentralized tumblers are usually available on blockchain platforms that are more advanced, such as the ones that support smart contracts.

cryptocurrency transaction explanation

How does a Cryptocurrency Mixer work?

Cryptocurrencies mixer such as “CoinMixr” makes sure that every transaction is sent along with a series of complex random dummy transactions, making it impossible to link particular coins or addresses to the original source.

The mixer will first receive instructions from the user to send coins to a particular cryptocurrency address. Thereafter, the tumbler will blend/ tumble this transaction with transactions of other users.

This whole process makes it difficult to determine the funds’ receiver address or the sender’s address.Technically speaking, every coin sent to the mixer is mixed with a pool of coins that contains coins of other depositors too. The blending system will then blend all the coins together.

Thus, in the end, the coins that a user receives will be a mixture of bits from numerous different sources, thereby making them untraceable. In simple words, CoinMixr will break any kind of connection between the sender and the receiver’s address.

This is the main focus of CoinMixr and is the most important for crypto-anonymity. All cryptocurrency transactions are recorded and stored in the blockchain system because it contains a permanent ledger of all the events. By mixing coins through CoinMixr, you can keep your information about where to send the coins, or where to store the coins and where to receive from anonymously.

Who needs a cryptocurrency mixer?

Cryptocurrency mixers are more popular among those people who hold a large number of cryptocurrencies. This is because they do not wish their large cryptocurrency holdings to become public knowledge. And, with blockchain, it is possible to figure out the contents of an address if there are continuous transactions of large amounts.

This loophole is a security risk since hackers can easily find the information and use it against the owner in order to steal coins. This is where cryptocurrency mixers like CoinMixr come in the picture. Using CoinMixr will nullify the possibilities of your address being tracked or traced back to you.

There are large companies, organizations and a good number of people that are more inclined towards using cryptocurrency mixers. That is because a company that makes large transactions of cryptocurrencies may want the transactions to be untraceable in order to maintain the secrecy of the company’s dealings.

For such companies, there is always the danger of their competitors finding out what and how much are they buying.

High net worth individuals or wealthy people are also prone to using cryptocurrency mixers in order to keep their coin transactions a secret and avoid any risk from hackers.

For example, if a hacker sees that ” Rose.H” made a transaction of 20 Bitcoins, it would mean that “Rose.H” could be a wealthy individual with a significant amount of coins in her wallet. Therefore, she would become a target for the hacker.

There is another group of people called the “idealists” who may want increased anonymity of their cryptocurrency transactions. Idealists believe that their transactions should be kept a secret from the government and financial institutions. The government should not be able to keep track of every transaction the citizens make.

Then there are the criminals who would, of course, want their cryptocurrency transactions to be anonymous. This is a serious concern within the cryptocurrency world and may lead to heavier and strict regulations of cryptocurrencies.

It is also worth mentioning that many government agencies are also keeping track of cryptocurrencies transactions for the purpose of broadening tax brackets. While it is good to disclose your wealth and possessions to the government agencies, it is not wise to keep all your transactions wide in the public.

If there are times you feel that the government is being unjust or overreaching, you can use the CoinMixr to hide what needs to be hidden.

Why should I choose CoinMixr?

There are dozens of cryptocurrency mixers or tumblers you will find today. However, not every mixer can be trusted when it comes to absolute anonymity or privacy, security, log records and others. The few things that set us apart from the rest are:

Guaranteed return of only new coins

At CoinMixr, you can be 100% assured that you will never get the same coins back from us. All coins that are sent to us are algorithmically marked in order to ensure that the same coins are never sent back to the same user. We understand that doing so can incur heavy implications for you.

Zero logs stored

We make sure that no logs of any individual or organization are stored in our system. Therefore, if any of our customers seek assistance from us regarding their activity, we cannot provide any help. This is done to maximize security and our customer’s anonymity during the process.

At CoinMixr no information on any of the users is stored making it impossible to identify or track the user. All logs are being wiped off or cleaned routinely to increase the organization’s efficiency of the system.

No personal data is collected

CoinMixr does not collect any personal information or data from the user. Therefore, no information can be provided regarding the sender of the coins to the mixer or from the mixer to the receiver.

No Emails stored

Our tumbling system ensures that none of our customer’s emails are stored in the system. All emails that ever contacted us are deleted within 24 hours of opening.

Help Incomplete transactions

We seek to provide help if your transactions remain incomplete. We store information about only those transactions that are not completed yet.

Fully automated system

CoinMixr is a fully automated system and there is no involvement of human assistance. After the mixer completes the work, all information is permanently erased.

Can handle large transactions

CoinMixr has the ability to handle large amounts of coins. We hold thousands of BTC which makes us fully experienced and equipped with this business. You can even opt to send fewer amounts of coins for a longer period of time if you feel insecure. Our mixer code guarantees that your coins will never be mixed with your older or new coins.

At CoinMixr, we believe in building a strong relationship with our customers sealed in trust, transparency, and security.

In short, the advantages of using one of the best coin mixers available are:

  • Guaranteed Anonymity.
  • 100% security
  • No record of any logs
  • Reasonable fees
  • Transactions at lightning speed
  • Multiple address availability

In order to experience cyrptocurrency transactions without the fear of being hacked or watched, use CoinMixr today!